Collective Intelligence Platform
to crowdsource
Innovations, Funds and Partnerships

Let’s Win Back The Trust On Sustainable Development!


Collective Intelligence Platform to crowdsource Innovations, Solutions, Funds, and Partnerships.

The platform that links creativeness of people and efficiency of new technologies

Science & Innovations

smart contract platform to safely and transparently source, implement and monitor sustainable development solutions

Global Cooperation

a multi-pronged distributed platform that will drive global sustainable development with the support of the United Nations

Trust & Social Progress

Blockchain based trust layer to ensure transparency and trust between businesses, governments and international organizations

Collective Intelligence Network

Finance is just one of several means of Implementation that will be required to achieve SDGs, rebuild trust and to increase Humanitarian or Development Aid. All of them require a global matching of Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI), multi-stockholder partnerships and finance (Traditional ODA and mainstream public and private finance).

The platform matches innovations, sources of finance and key players in the SDG spectrum by providing access to new partners & tools, creates new knowledge networks and levering existing ones, allows interactive modelling and linkage between the private sector, governments, civil society organizations, innovators and aid development agencies.

GOALHUB provides a unique possibility for Aid providers to track the Aid and be sure that it reaches the beneficiaries; for unbanked part of society – to be identified and get help when it’s needed; for agencies to get Dynamic Statistic Data, which is essential for organizing effective Humanitarian or Development AID.

Early start

The public life of GoalHUB started in World Government Summit 2017 in the “SDGs in Action” track. Program is dedicated to the searching for new technological solutions which will play a fundamental role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The World Government Summit is an annual platform dedicated to exploring the future of government driven by technological advances and evolving citizen expectations, held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Its “SDGs in Action” track – organized in partnership with UNESCO, UNDP, UNEP, UN DESA, the World Bank, OECD, and the UN Foundation, among others – focuses on government actions to achieve the SDGs.

The 2017 “SDGs in Action” program convened 14 multi-stakeholder teams to identify possible solutions to help Sustainable Development Goals implementation, of which “GoalHUB” was selected as one of the most promising to take forward.

Stages and milestones


  • Development of general idea & technical solution.


  • Finding true focus and crystallizing the idea, With the help from UN advisors finishing concept. 


  • Developing Partnership with Civil Society & Business Organizations.
  • Start of Ambassadors program.
  • Sharing responsibilities between partners.
  • Partnership with “Tech Superheroes“ and start the development of the platform.


  • Launching the  platform;
  • Opening of umbrella organization in Geneva (Switzerland).
  • Preparation for the Pilot project in Africa.
  • Development of Web Application
  • The official presentation of the platform for CSO, Public and Private institutions.
  • Opening functions for collecting and tracking Humanitarian Aid.


  • Launching features for project coordination.
  • In Cooperation of Chambers of Commerce opening international services of Public procurement for International Development projects.
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